Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Phew! Relief!

I opened my eyes. A soft yellow light from the street sodium lamp fell on small clock which I always keep by my side while sleeping. It was still 3.30 am. I groaned and closed my eyes. I would get up every few minutes, look up the clock and go back to bed. At 5’o clock I decided I can’t sleep any more, leapt out of my bed and got ready for the journey. My roomies still sleeping dead as log. I put on two sweaters hoping they could annul the cold winds. It was still dark, a few birds were chirping here and there. A dog was moaning some distance away. As I climbed down the stairs the dog sleeping beneath my bike opened its left eye on hearing my foot steps, watched me go towards the gate and closed its eyes again. I opened the gate and moved towards my bike. My hushed voice had no effect on the dog. I shoved it. It cursed me whole heartedly and went away.

I started by bike and sped off. Paper boys were busy sorting their papers in front of the temple. I turned in to the Main road and then there was no stopping. The roads were not completely empty unlike I expected. After riding though the familiar roads for about 50-55 minutes I was out Bangalore. Sky behind me was turning crimson. Fog had started falling. The cold winds were sending chill down my spine quite literally. My fingers were going numb. The moisture in the air I exhaled out was condensing on the windshield and blocking the view. Droplets of water were forming on the outside of windshield and trickling down. I could hardly see vehicles which were 50 meters away. I decided to stop briefly. There was a huge arch of fog over the pond.Moisture in the CO2 I exhaled out vaporized and formed various patterns before disappearing in the fog. It seemed like microscopic ice crystals were bursting on my skin and acupuncturing my face. Water droplets hung on to the tip of the blade of grass. Water droplets on the fresh buds. I trampled on the grass and left behind green patches as I walked towards a tree. And I felt warmth in my body when I was letting that go :) :). Phew! Relief.

This was the first piece of literature i wrote. But dint feel there was it was good enough to publish. But somehow...